Thursday, October 12, 2006


I'm Sittin' On Top of the World

While Pug was dealing with issues at home, Jethro could not have been happier. His Greek House was full of friends.

And he continued to make more. Before long, his Greek House, the Tesla House, was the top house on campus.

Level 6!

In fact, before he graduated, Pug had managed to make 15 friends of his own and join the Secret Society.

*Haha! I'm only 5 friends away from achieving PUG's LTW!*

*Did Mark Foley send this guy?*

But, his reign as Big Man on Campus was about to end. He graduated Summa Cum Laude.

*I did not let the Legacy down*

And promptly made a date with Sandy to surprise her with a proposal.

She accepts with joy.

He celebrated by painting a self portrait.

He wanted to leave it behind but his house mates insisted he take it back to Legacy II with him.

Then it was time to move back to the Ugmo Legacy House.

Despite his sluggish start in life, it appears Jethro is a worthy heir to the Ugmo Legacy.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Don't Envy Me

Pug Ugmo, a thoroughly good natured kid, was totally unaware of Jethro's obsessive sibling rivalry. If Jethro only knew, life for Pug was less than a plate of lobster thermidor. For one thing, he was concerned about his father, Aiden, who was exhibiting early signs of senility.

*Ahoy Mateys*

For a knowledge sim, Priscilla was uncharacteristically obtuse about Aiden's problems. She seemed to think his obsession with Rock, Paper, Scissors, was perfectly normal. It is not uncommon for spouses in this situation to be in denial, and Priscilla certainly was.

She didnt catch on even when Aiden forgot to pay the bills and the Repo man took their dining room table.

For a Popularity sim like Pug, the Repo man's truck in the driveway for all the neighbors to see, was mortifying.

And, there was constant pressure on Pug to skill for scholarships. Aidan, a Family sim, wanted Pug to succeed at everything and Priscilla, being a Knowledge sim, couldnt have agreed more. They both were constantly encouraging his skill development.





Pug hardly had time to maintain his A+ average and make friends. He finally got out of the house and was able to mingle with the downtown crowd.

Meeting Ivy Copur

Did I mention the ghosts? Even Sterling came back to make Pug's life miserable.

*Ack Grandpa Glitch! If you had moved your self to the fridge you wouldn't need my pancakes*

It was quite a relief when he was able to escape to University, although he worried about Aiden driving home alone.

For now, we will let Pug enjoy college life. Let's see what Jethro has been up to in the meantime.


Old Folks At Home

While Jethro thoroughly enjoyed his university days and all his new friends, Aiden and Priscilla reached their elder years on the same day in gloriously platinum moods.

Yes, they had enjoyed a little Afternoon Delight to celebrate their upcoming birthdays.

They promptly retired and looked forward to their second careers, managing 1+2+3 Gym, which Priscilla had inherited from Amar.

Body and Soul get a work out

They also enjoyed chatting with the customers. Aiden takes a particular fancy to *my sim*.

Don't worry, my sim is not attracted to Aiden in the least.

The gym provided a great opportunity for Priscilla to catch up with her siblings, Ursula and Lloyd. With their careers and family obligations, they had lost touch with each other.

*Its so good to see you girl..I'm sorry I didn't make it over to see the baby before he grew up*

*Well Lloyd, we are so proud of Jethro, he maximized his creativity skills his first day at university*

And, there is the occasional visit from the ghosts in the backyard. Here is Amar, fondly recalling the marriage bed he shared with Esther.


So, we see at least as far as the elder Ugmo's are concerned, all is going well.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


Greek ToYou

Sandy Bruty was most appreciative of Jethro's attentions and commemorated their special date with a Chimeways Piano.

*Haha...that nosepicker Pug will never get a gift like this from a woman*

After his freshman year, realizing he had sufficient funds to move out of the dorm, Jethro decided to find a place of his own.

*Well, its not much but at least there is a car for my dates with Sandy*

Then, ever thinking of ways to outsmart Pug, Jethro had a brainstorm. For a mere $20 he could start a Greek House and become a legend in La Fiesta Tech Greek history! That would bring Mr. Popularity Pug down a peg or two!

*With this pool table my house will be Party Central!*

Jethro wasted no time recruiting new members.

Ian Campbell said yes! and so did Bess Abraham.

They moved in after the pledge period and Jethro was able to add a second story to the Greek House. More party room!

However, being President of the Greek House entailed a bit more work than Jethro had anticipated. When the trash compactor broke down, he was happy that Priscilla had trained him so well in mechanics as after remodeling the group was low on funds.

Jethro be careful! Well, at least an *accident* won't harm his looks much.

And then there was the problem of *guest managment*. The evil mascot, Leonid, came by to do his work on poor Craig Futa, La Fiesta Tech's hero mascot.

Although it looks like Craig is holding his own against the devil pest Leonid (he must be related to Prof. Armando Thayer).

But these inconveniences were far outweighed by the advantages provided by the one possession Jethro treasured most...his double bed. Sandy came to visit and can see for yourself.

Sandy had a little makeover since their last meeting removing the bad makeup job performed by a local beauty parlor. I'm not sure she is up to Ugmo standards, but she is the best I can find in the Townie population.

Jethro's final thoughts as he drifted off to sleep in Sandy's arms: *Pug, I PWN you!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?

Due to his unfortunate skin condition, Jethro didn't date in high school. After besting Pug by maximizing creativity, Jethro gained confidence. He believed he could exceed Pug in the charm department, because the last time he saw Pug on the phone with a girl, Pug was picking his nose.

Pug doesn't realize he is out of his league with Rhea Patri. She considers him a *good friend* but might even reconsider that status if she could see him pick his nose. And yes, thats a pick not a scratch.

Jethro explored several community lots before finding Sandy Bruty. Although she is an *older woman*, Jethro found her appealing. He promptly struck up a friendship with her and skewered up his courage to ask for his first date.

*Ah, she is even lovelier than I remembered*

Sandy responds well to Jethro's charm.

After treating Sandy to her favorite chef's salad, Jethro makes a bold move and experiences his first kiss.

Are my eyes crossing?

Pretty soon, Sandy takes charge and Jethro is making out with her in the middle of Sim Bowl Lanes.


Well, Jethro may have been a late bloomer after all. Just as Pug takes after his great grandmother Marsha, Jethro must take after his great grandfather Floyd. Because his very first date, with an older woman, no less, was no less than a dream date.

Floyd would be so proud.

Back at the dorm, Jethro practices his dancing moves in anticipation of another dream date with Sandy.

*I'm too sexy for my shirt* Yeah, you need a new shirt Jethro.


On My Own

Jethro was eager to escape Pug's self-satisfied smirking shadow. His hard work paid off and he was admitted to University with $4,000 in scholarships. Considering his low IQ, Prisicilla was very pleased at his success.

Aiden accompanied Jethro to La Fiesta Tech.

When the streaker got a look at Aiden and Jethro (with his acne marked face no less), he hid HIS face in his hands and vowed never to streak again.

Undaunted, Jethro bravely made his way to his dorm.

*Well, at least the pimples are gone now*

And promptly declared the Literature Major. In an uncharacteristic mood of defiance, he maximized his Creativity Skill his first day at University.

*So there Pug Ugmo...I finally pwned your ugly ass*

But what's this? Professor Armando Thayer is after the Ugmo's again.

Prof. Armando, Sterling Thayer Ugmo's brother, is seeking compensation for Sterling's untimely death. Jethro is not that bright but he's bright enough to tell him to shove off. Well done Jethro.


Teen Angel

Well, as we know, Jethro, the fourth generation Ugmo heir, is not the brightest bulb on the tree. Priscilla decided private school would give him some self-confidence and might improve his skill building.

*Hello sir, may I give you a tour of our home?*

The visit was a near disaster as Marsha's ghost decided to appear and take center stage at the dinner table.

Even in death, Marsha has to steal the limelight.

Fortunately, the headmaster liked his porkchops and the boys were admitted to private school. Nevertheless, Jethro lacked maturity and Priscilla worried a great deal.

He had a hard time dealing with the deaths of Amar and Esther.

And pursued childish pleasures.

Aren't you a little old for toys now Jethro?

But with Priscilla's prodding, he continued to work on his skills, hoping for multiple scholarships.

Thank goodness Priscilla is a physician, making Jethro's skill building a little easier.

Pug Ugmo, on the other hand, seemed blessed with great-grandmother Marsha's confidence and sailed through childhood and skill building. He was very self-satisfied when he reached his teen years. He has not yet looked in the mirror and discovered that he bears the familiar Ugmo features.

Pug is a Popularity Sim. Let's hope he has a good personality.

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