Saturday, August 12, 2006


When Your Ugly Like Us You Just Naturally Got To Be Cool

Pug Ugmo brought a breath of fresh air and good luck into the Ugmo family home. The day of Pug's birth, Aiden led a raid into a warehouse under cover of a smokescreen grenade and was promoted to Police Chief.

Aren't you proud of your daddy Pug?

Before long it was time to celebrate Pug's transition to toddler and Aiden did the honors.

Aiden, looking very much a part of the family, prepares to help Pug with his candles.

Pug after the toss looking every bit the Ugmo.

Priscilla took a large part in teaching Pug his basic skills. She felt guilty that she had not trained Jethro and worried that it had contributed to his lower IQ.

Look who's here? It's great-granny Marsha. Well maybe some of her sky-high self-esteem will rub off on little Pug.

Meanwhile, Jethro was still working hard at his skills and maintaining his A plus average. He celebrated his teen birthday as a child prodigy and the full flower of his beauty was revealed to all upon his transition.

Ugmo through and through. He is a Wealth sim who wants to be a Criminal Mastermind. At least he can keep that face under a mask for the better part of his day.


Back to the Family

With her mood forever platinum, Priscilla decided it was time to pay attention to her home life. She and Aidan conceive another child. Unfortunately, she had forgotten about the morning sickness.

*Aiden I need crackers NOW*

Little Jethro, bravely soldiered on with his skilling, even though it was a hard slog for him.

*Check pawn? Check King? Check Mate!*

Aiden, who did not attend uni and therefore may have contributed to Jethro's mediocre IQ, was sympathetic to his plight and engaged him in frequent stress relieving games of red hands.

Aiden to Self: *Should I tell him how stupid that hat looks? Nah, his self-esteem is low enough as it is.*

Finally the big day arrived, and Priscilla gave birth to the newest Ugmo.

*I think you will be called Pug Ugmo*

The family gathers around in joy at the birth of another Ugmo.

What's this? Sterling has made a rare appearance to see his grandson Pug.

*Go Away Sterling Ugmo you glitch of a Sim*

Now that I think of it, Jethro's slow skilling may have more to do with Sterling than Aiden. In any case, Pug is in *Grandpa Amar's* hands now.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Free to Be You and Me

While Priscilla fulfilled her legacy duties, her half-siblings, Lloyd and Ursula, were free to enjoy their young adult lives without pressure from me (well not much pressure anyway).

Both attended university and joined Greek Houses (Lloyd co-founded one with his friend Glenna Campbell and Ursula was the first pledge to Tally House). They both fell in love in college, graduated summa cum laude, and married their college sweethearts. Both aspired to become a General, and both will succeed. Here are some highlights of their young adult lives.

Lloyd's Greek House Letter

A typical night at the Greek House with friends

Lloyd on Dream Date with his sweetheart Edith Bui

Edith accepts Lloyd's proposal

Lloyd and Edith marry after graduation

Ursula making friends to boost the Greek House rating

Ursula falls in love with Goopy Sims

Free at Last!


Ursula sealing the deal with Goopy. Note that he will contribute nicely to the Ugmo gene pool.

You will not hear about these two couples much in the future. At this point, both couples have children (Edith and Lloyd have Rambo and Alva Ugmo and Ursula and Goopy have Lyle Sims). Rambo is far more intelligent than Jethro (perhaps because both parents attended university?) which has left me questioning my legacy heir choices, but what is done is done.


Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Priscilla found a job as a Medical Researcher as soon as she arrived home from university. But with the wedding, the honeymoon, and the birth of Jethro, she hardly got a chance to get to work. For a type A like Priscilla, the days on maternity leave were very frustrating. So she went back to work immediately after Jethro was born, leaving him in the capable hands of Esther, Amar, and Aidan (who quit his job as a DJ to pursue his LTW to become Captain Hero).

She did manage to break away from her work in time to celebrate Jethro's birthday.

Jethro is tossed into toddler.

But Priscilla had no patience for teaching him his skills, and left that to Aiden and Amar.

Despite Priscilla's lack of attention, Jethro flourished. And Priscilla was rewarded with her LTW...promotion to Chief of Staff.

With that milestone reached, Priscilla's attention returned to her homelife. She was delighted when her miracle mite celebrated his child's birthday with some skills under his belt.

The jury is still out on Jethro. His choice of hats does not bode well.


Lets Get Physical

Dear sweet Amar Ugmo patiently bided his time as Esther's consort and waited to come into his own. He put up with the ghost of Esther's first husband roaming the kitchen in search of food, Floyd's general crabbiness and paltry insurance policy, and Marsha's senility and incontinence. He was a great dad to Lloyd and Ursula but couldnt seem to find a life outside of the house. His one effort at success(the Round Barn General Store) was thwarted by Marsha's constant need for attention.

Esther kept her promise, however, and bought Floyd another business... the 1-2-3 Gym.

Opening Day at 1-2-3 Gym

This was far preferable to ringing up customers as Amar could simply hang out with the crowd as they worked out, swam, and soaked in the hot tub. Amar and Esther both reached their golden years in platinum form so he will have plenty of time to make his gym a thriving concern.

Amar turns elder and looks forward to his new career in gym management.

Esther, the platinum Hall of Famer, is looking forward to retirement.

She was a little concerned about Amar's enthusiastic approach to his new business.

Amar soaking with some attractive twin sims at the gym...anything to make those customers happy.

But Amar assured her he didn't even notice his female customers.

*See dear, I'm meditating*

Esther was relieved and assured herself that Amar's friendly overtures to the customers were good for business.

But what's this?

*I'm just being friendly dear*

Don't worry readers, Amar is a family sim and totally devoted to Esther.

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