Monday, June 19, 2006


Gee Its Great To Be Back Home Again

After falling in love with Aiden, Priscilla simply flew through the rest of her college days. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and couldn't wait to start her new life.

Graduation Day

Just before graduation she proposes to Aiden and he accepts gratefully. (He is an NPC after all and marrying into a Legacy family is a big step forward).

Back in Legacy II, Priscilla wastes no time in asking Aiden to move in.

A small, but celebratory wedding takes place with the family in attendance.

Priscilla, unlike her grandparents, Floyd and Marsha, was a little apprehensive about the physical side of marriage. She decided to postpone the consummation of her nuptials and have a little snack first. Unfortunately, it resulted in a visit (and reprimand) from the fire department.

But, three days later, the wedding night was a proven success, as Priscilla gave birth to the first member of the fourth Ugmo generation.

*No wonder my mother was an only child*

Jethro Ugmo


Muskrat Love

Priscilla, the ultimate overachiever, was succeeding in college socially and academically, but had yet to go on one date. No one resurrected Marsha or Floyd, but let me tell you those two were putting some powerful mojo on Priscilla to get her love life together.

So, Priscilla goes downtown. She sees a DJ (yes..the first NPC points, I'm not as type A as Priscilla and only non-point townies have joined the family so far). And, she manages to get enough of his attention to call him. His name is Aiden. See what you think.

After a few phone calls, Aiden agrees to visit the Greek House.

Priscilla is a little worried about his prospects as he seems to enjoy the bubble blower a bit too much.

This concern was only exacerbated when he and Beth (her best friend) did not hit it off and engaged in a knock down drag out worthy of the best Vince McMahon PPV.

Beth tells Priscilla she can do better.

So Priscilla agrees to see Aiden outside of the Greek House.

The trouble is, that Priscilla is really attracted to her Greek House mate Vaughn (who is Beth's true love). Fortunately, Priscilla is prinicipled enough to keep this to herself.

After a swig of the re nu yu potion, Priscilla decides Aiden is just as hot (no change in aspiration, Pinstar, in case you are monitoring).

Then, Priscilla conquered him totally with a Dream Date.

Priscilla and Aiden in love. The Legacy is assured.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Its My Party

Priscilla was not deterred by Prof. Armando. She knew what she lacked in looks she had triple in brains and personality. (Yes..she was one of those Sims who has a great personality). So...she set about proving Professor Armando (who, you all must agree is a complete and utter pest) a fraud. She called the Legacy House, a Greek House which her mother Esther co-founded (not for Legacy points) and discussed the situation with one of her mother's friends, Beth (who had miraculously not aged in the interval, much like in real life).

*To self: I am not a cipher like my father*
 mother is Esther Ugmo...and its so nice to meet you.

She was soon welcomed into the coed Greek House as a full member.

Thanks to the efforts of her mother and the founder, Clara Abraham (a legacy family who is not blogged because I only have so much energy) it was very comfortable.

The members vowed never to answer the doorbell when Professor Armando came around looking for attention. He must be despised by the other faculty members to keep preying on students as he does.

Note: I am not sure but I'm pretty sure, Sterling's last name was Thayer before he married Esther Ugmo. Priscilla and Professor Armando had immediate antipathy towards each other so I did not have to invent this story line. And, interestingly enough, I didn't have to make Priscilla call her mother to make Esther's face come up in the caption about talking to Beth about her. She called the Legacy Greek House and immediately she and Beth (one of the left behind members) began discussing Esther. It's funny what you notice when you are playing to write a story. I would probably have missed these interactions otherwise (particularly in college where i speed through everything).


Be True To Your School (and the Ugmos)

Priscilla arrived at Sim State University determined to make a good impression. She knew that she was lagging behind other legacy families in her scholarships (did every family but hers own an energizer and how did they all stay in such good moods to use them effectively?) So she tried to reassure herself by gussying up.

Priscilla, if you recall is a Knowledge sim, and, unlike her grandmother, Marsha, was under no delusions as to her innate hotness. She basically knew she was an Ugmo and that she had to compensate for her facial deficiencies by improving her body.

Being the genius she was, she knew that most male sims look only below the neck.

Not that she was obsessed with improving her body. She knew her ticket to happiness was her mind. So she devoted a lot of time to her studies and focusing on her goals.

Yum...brain food!

Yeah yeah..the term papers...Priscilla is bored to tears by this exercise as is every Sim who ever went to college.

Then, her concentration was shattered. Professor Armando Thayer rang her doorbell. You may recall that Sterling Ugmo, nee Thayer (the cipher now ghost and a complete waste of my time) was Pricilla's biological father who was too dumb to feed himself. He died in Priscilla's infancy. It turns out Prof. Armando Thayer is Sterling's younger brother. He confronts Priscilla with the Ugmo's complete lack of compassion for Sterling's disability and blames her family for his death. Priscilla does not lack her grandmother Marsha's confidence in setting him straight about the facts of Sterling's death.

*Your brother was glitched from birth and a pox upon our house. Look at my chin. I thank the sim gods i was spared his stupidity*

It would have been easy for Priscilla to let this traumatic emotional experience derail her ambitions. But..she was truly Marsha's grandaughter. What an Ugmo wants an Ugmo gets and Priscilla was determined to move forward.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Come See About Me

Poor Ursula Ugmo. In the wake of Floyd's death, and Marsha's lingering illness, the rest of the family was preoccupied and didn't help her out much. She always got her homework done and was an A+ student, but no one helped her with her skills.

Here she is, celebrating her transition to teen.

As you can see, Marsha packed on the pounds after Floyd's death (ok, I promise, last mean crack about Marsha).

And here she is as a teen. She is a Popularity sim with a LTW to become general.

She is actually not that bad looking, considering her ancestry. Maybe this is why the Ugmos didn't give her much attention.

She made several friends as a teen.

Making friends with Helen Patri (daughter of Plato and Jade)

Before I quite realized it, she was ready for college and had few scholarships. Her last two days at home, I pushed her hard. She managed to leave with her Sim City Scholars grant, the creativity scholarship and the body scholarship. Here she is leaving for college.

It doesn't show up too well in the photo, but the stress of trying to skill at the last moment caused a huge zit to appear on her forehead.

In the backround you see Priscilla Ugmo (now an adult) and her husband Aiden (a former disc jockey). Priscilla is the Ugmo legacy heiress. In the next post or two I will fill you in on her college days.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Do Not Linger Any Longer

You may have guessed that Marsha is not my favorite Ugmo. I just couldn't understand why, with her face, she was convinced of her innate hotness and pursued romance all her life.

After Floyd's death, her days of woohoo were over. She consoled herself by making lobster thermidor in the middle of the night.

She even managed not to burn it now and then.

And by watching her old colleagues on the Yummy Channel.

*Oh Emeril, how did you overlook my innate hotness*

Esther was especially solicitous of Marsa in her time of grief.

Playing Floyd's favorite song

A little rock, paper, scissors to chase the blues away.

But there were lonesome times for Marsha, as she lay in her large double bed reminiscing of her glory days.

*How Hot I am*

Marsha continued to linger...and linger...and linger. Amar had to sell his business because he could not take her with him (as you recall she offended the customers, tired easily, and was just an all around pain in the neck). When he was working it alone, customers tended to get angry at cash out delays. And, the final straw was a bad review in the paper. Esther promised him she would buy him another business when Marsha was gone. Amar barely kept green while waiting for Marsha to pass. Finally, on her 81st or 82nd birthday....the hula girls came.

Marsha ran to answer the door just before it happened, hoping it was Stephen Gothier so she could get some male attention.

Marsha, suitcase packed with her Victoria's Secret garments, departs.

R.I.P. Marsha

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


And When I Die

Having decided not to use the elixer of life on the Ugmos (at least I think i didn't...with all these families I get confused) it wasnt long before Floyd reached the twilight of his life. He did not achieve his LTW to have 50 dream dates, but thanks to a suggestion from a thoughtful reader, I could pretty much keep him in a good mood by having him date Marsha at home. (Marsha at this point was so out of it she thought she was at Londoste eating lobster themidor).

Floyd still has the desire and no viagra needed

Well where else would a happily married couple end up on a dream date?

But, like many caregivers, Floyd was masking the strain on his body and mind caused by Marsha's condition. One night it was more than even Floyd could handle. He simply went to a corner and stood.

As you can see Floyd needs help desperately. And don't tell me to issue another command to his poor brain. He could not process it. It was eerie. It was like...I'm so tired just let me stand here.

Esther could not bear the thought of Floyd soiling himself in a corner. Even Marsha had not done that humiliating act. I could not bear the thought of him dying without his properly deserved hula dancers. And I sure as heck wasn't in the mood to move the whole family due to Floyd's momentary breakdown. So....the moveobjects cheat was used to delete him from the house. When I came back to the property...there he was on the sidewalk as good as old.

And the next day was a regular Ugmo day until....


The family mourned for the customary 3 hours and had a funeral meal in his honor.

No one had the bad taste to ask about the insurance policy at this point (although Amar was can see him in the backround searching the desk)

Lloyd issued the eulogy

And Floyd was laid to rest.

Of course being the obsessive I am, I had to move Sterling's grave next to Floyd's grave. This was evidently the cause of another appearance by Sterling.

Big woop...he wasnt noticed in life and he is not noticed in death. What a cipher.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Children Behave

Meanwhile, the third generation of Ugmo children were doing well. Each of them loved creative activities and they seemed to understand Marsha's unique situation.

Ursula celebrates her toddler birthday and learns her basic skills

Floyd brings Ursula to the cake.

Ursula in confetti (I think the Ugmo genes are coming through fine...look at that nose!)

Esther teaches her to walk.

Lloyd grows up very well.

Esther brings Lloyd to the cake.

Lloyd as a child

Lloyd and Marsha have a special bond.

Lloyd celebrates his teen birthday. He is a popularity sim with a LTW to be a general...thank god thats achievable.

Ursula celebrates her child birthday

ursula as a child

Meanwhile Priscilla (the future Chief of Staff) progessed nicely through her teen years although to tell you the truth, with 7 sims to manage, I was not able to give her as nice a skill set as would be desired for college. She did win several scholarships, however. She will have to catch up on her cleaning skills between writing term papers. With her looks, I'm not sure she will have much of a social life at college but who would have thought Esther would do so well in the love department (well Sterling was barely alive, but she did manage to snag two husbands).

The family waves goodbye as Priscilla leaves for college.

I'm not too sure who will be the legacy heir. It may depend upon whom has the *best* ugmo genes.

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