Saturday, October 07, 2006


On My Own

Jethro was eager to escape Pug's self-satisfied smirking shadow. His hard work paid off and he was admitted to University with $4,000 in scholarships. Considering his low IQ, Prisicilla was very pleased at his success.

Aiden accompanied Jethro to La Fiesta Tech.

When the streaker got a look at Aiden and Jethro (with his acne marked face no less), he hid HIS face in his hands and vowed never to streak again.

Undaunted, Jethro bravely made his way to his dorm.

*Well, at least the pimples are gone now*

And promptly declared the Literature Major. In an uncharacteristic mood of defiance, he maximized his Creativity Skill his first day at University.

*So there Pug Ugmo...I finally pwned your ugly ass*

But what's this? Professor Armando Thayer is after the Ugmo's again.

Prof. Armando, Sterling Thayer Ugmo's brother, is seeking compensation for Sterling's untimely death. Jethro is not that bright but he's bright enough to tell him to shove off. Well done Jethro.

Wow - Armando Thayer won't leave the Ugmos be, will he? At least Jethro had the sense to send him packing. LOL on the zits going to college! That's stressful enough for anyone :)
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