Sunday, October 08, 2006


Greek ToYou

Sandy Bruty was most appreciative of Jethro's attentions and commemorated their special date with a Chimeways Piano.

*Haha...that nosepicker Pug will never get a gift like this from a woman*

After his freshman year, realizing he had sufficient funds to move out of the dorm, Jethro decided to find a place of his own.

*Well, its not much but at least there is a car for my dates with Sandy*

Then, ever thinking of ways to outsmart Pug, Jethro had a brainstorm. For a mere $20 he could start a Greek House and become a legend in La Fiesta Tech Greek history! That would bring Mr. Popularity Pug down a peg or two!

*With this pool table my house will be Party Central!*

Jethro wasted no time recruiting new members.

Ian Campbell said yes! and so did Bess Abraham.

They moved in after the pledge period and Jethro was able to add a second story to the Greek House. More party room!

However, being President of the Greek House entailed a bit more work than Jethro had anticipated. When the trash compactor broke down, he was happy that Priscilla had trained him so well in mechanics as after remodeling the group was low on funds.

Jethro be careful! Well, at least an *accident* won't harm his looks much.

And then there was the problem of *guest managment*. The evil mascot, Leonid, came by to do his work on poor Craig Futa, La Fiesta Tech's hero mascot.

Although it looks like Craig is holding his own against the devil pest Leonid (he must be related to Prof. Armando Thayer).

But these inconveniences were far outweighed by the advantages provided by the one possession Jethro treasured most...his double bed. Sandy came to visit and can see for yourself.

Sandy had a little makeover since their last meeting removing the bad makeup job performed by a local beauty parlor. I'm not sure she is up to Ugmo standards, but she is the best I can find in the Townie population.

Jethro's final thoughts as he drifted off to sleep in Sandy's arms: *Pug, I PWN you!

Boy - that's some serious sibling rivalry to be lasting this long! :) Great Greek house though -being Greek does have it's benefits. Jethro has done well for himself & Sandy's looking much better too *whew*!
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