Monday, October 09, 2006


Old Folks At Home

While Jethro thoroughly enjoyed his university days and all his new friends, Aiden and Priscilla reached their elder years on the same day in gloriously platinum moods.

Yes, they had enjoyed a little Afternoon Delight to celebrate their upcoming birthdays.

They promptly retired and looked forward to their second careers, managing 1+2+3 Gym, which Priscilla had inherited from Amar.

Body and Soul get a work out

They also enjoyed chatting with the customers. Aiden takes a particular fancy to *my sim*.

Don't worry, my sim is not attracted to Aiden in the least.

The gym provided a great opportunity for Priscilla to catch up with her siblings, Ursula and Lloyd. With their careers and family obligations, they had lost touch with each other.

*Its so good to see you girl..I'm sorry I didn't make it over to see the baby before he grew up*

*Well Lloyd, we are so proud of Jethro, he maximized his creativity skills his first day at university*

And, there is the occasional visit from the ghosts in the backyard. Here is Amar, fondly recalling the marriage bed he shared with Esther.


So, we see at least as far as the elder Ugmo's are concerned, all is going well.

ohhh- why did they have to make elders SO saggy?! But they do look happy - I love the shot of them at the gym - body & soul, LOL!
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