Saturday, October 07, 2006


Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful?

Due to his unfortunate skin condition, Jethro didn't date in high school. After besting Pug by maximizing creativity, Jethro gained confidence. He believed he could exceed Pug in the charm department, because the last time he saw Pug on the phone with a girl, Pug was picking his nose.

Pug doesn't realize he is out of his league with Rhea Patri. She considers him a *good friend* but might even reconsider that status if she could see him pick his nose. And yes, thats a pick not a scratch.

Jethro explored several community lots before finding Sandy Bruty. Although she is an *older woman*, Jethro found her appealing. He promptly struck up a friendship with her and skewered up his courage to ask for his first date.

*Ah, she is even lovelier than I remembered*

Sandy responds well to Jethro's charm.

After treating Sandy to her favorite chef's salad, Jethro makes a bold move and experiences his first kiss.

Are my eyes crossing?

Pretty soon, Sandy takes charge and Jethro is making out with her in the middle of Sim Bowl Lanes.


Well, Jethro may have been a late bloomer after all. Just as Pug takes after his great grandmother Marsha, Jethro must take after his great grandfather Floyd. Because his very first date, with an older woman, no less, was no less than a dream date.

Floyd would be so proud.

Back at the dorm, Jethro practices his dancing moves in anticipation of another dream date with Sandy.

*I'm too sexy for my shirt* Yeah, you need a new shirt Jethro.

Funny shots! I've never seen a sim pick his nose before! LOL poor Sandy's been run over by the Maybelline truck, it's no wonder Jethro's eyes crossed! And that dance! ROTF!
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