Monday, October 09, 2006


Don't Envy Me

Pug Ugmo, a thoroughly good natured kid, was totally unaware of Jethro's obsessive sibling rivalry. If Jethro only knew, life for Pug was less than a plate of lobster thermidor. For one thing, he was concerned about his father, Aiden, who was exhibiting early signs of senility.

*Ahoy Mateys*

For a knowledge sim, Priscilla was uncharacteristically obtuse about Aiden's problems. She seemed to think his obsession with Rock, Paper, Scissors, was perfectly normal. It is not uncommon for spouses in this situation to be in denial, and Priscilla certainly was.

She didnt catch on even when Aiden forgot to pay the bills and the Repo man took their dining room table.

For a Popularity sim like Pug, the Repo man's truck in the driveway for all the neighbors to see, was mortifying.

And, there was constant pressure on Pug to skill for scholarships. Aidan, a Family sim, wanted Pug to succeed at everything and Priscilla, being a Knowledge sim, couldnt have agreed more. They both were constantly encouraging his skill development.





Pug hardly had time to maintain his A+ average and make friends. He finally got out of the house and was able to mingle with the downtown crowd.

Meeting Ivy Copur

Did I mention the ghosts? Even Sterling came back to make Pug's life miserable.

*Ack Grandpa Glitch! If you had moved your self to the fridge you wouldn't need my pancakes*

It was quite a relief when he was able to escape to University, although he worried about Aiden driving home alone.

For now, we will let Pug enjoy college life. Let's see what Jethro has been up to in the meantime.

ohno - Aiden is losing it! :( oh, but look at all that skilling - I bet he got top scholarships! That will come in handy. LOL - Grandpa Glitch~ poor Sterling can't find any peace! So Pug's life is not peachy keen, huh!
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